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Device Data Collection Platform
IoT data center
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Device Remote Management Platform
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Industrial Data Visualization Platfom
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Monitoring And Energy-saving Platform
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Device Data Collection Platform
Device Remote Management Platform
Industrial Data Visualization Platfom
Monitoring And Energy-saving Platform
Industrial Digital Solutions
Device Data Collection Platform
The SZN device data collection platform is connected to various industrial equipment (PLC, instruments, sensors, CNC machine tools, robots, etc.) to achieve data collection and bidirectional control of various industrial data on site; At the same time, the data will be stored on the platform after standardized processing to provide open data services and interfaces for various Industrial internet of things platforms, industrial Internet platforms and industrial software. Adopting a highly concurrent software framework, it can achieve configuration management of on-site gateways, devices, etc., remote data collection and control, and achieve data access, cleaning, filtering, processing, storage, and sharing.
  • Massive device access
  • Unified Data Standards
  • Unified management of equipment
  • Data Sharing Center
Device Remote Management Platform
With the development of internet technology, equipment maintenance has evolved from on-site maintenance, remote maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance in four stages.
SZN equipment operation and maintenance management platform helps enterprises achieve remote management and maintenance of equipment in all regions of the world, and achieve preventive and Predictive maintenance through alarm notification and prediction model of Big data platform.
  • Remote device management
  • Remote operation of equipment
  • Remote maintenance of equipment
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • lifecycle management
  • Data Intelligence Applications
Industrial Data Visualization Platfom
SZN industrial Data and information visualization platform is a lean management platform with functions such as equipment data management, equipment data display, 2D/3D configuration operation interface, customized large screen BI board, rich data reports and analysis models, and remote monitoring of equipment, which helps enterprises realize visualization and digital management.
  • Device access and management
  • Lifecycle Visualization
  • Visualization of operational status
  • Data Analysis and BI Dashboard
  • Strategy operation and linkage control
  • Equipment operation visualization
  • Open data interface
Monitoring And Energy-saving Platform
The energy consumption monitoring and energy-saving platform is based on the decentralized nature of the energy system and the centralized requirements of energy management. It collects and analyzes various energy data such as water, electricity, heat, and gas, and integrates functions such as equipment supervision, energy consumption monitoring, energy efficiency analysis, and energy control. It achieves refined energy management for enterprises, empowers them to save energy and carbon, and helps customers reduce costs and increase efficiency. Support multiple energy consumption scenarios such as factories, parks, residential areas, electricity, buildings, public facilities, etc.
  • Equipment management
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Intelligent prediction
  • Energy saving optimization
  • Efficient management
Industrial Digital Solutions
SZN provides overall solutions for smart factories, equipment manufacturers, environmental protection, energy, electric power and other industries, and has the overall project delivery capabilities from acquisition hardware, data platform, design integration, and implementation services.
  • Platform building
  • Scheme design
  • Implementation Delivery
Industrial Intelligent Hardware
SZN Industrial Intelligent Hardware helps enterprises achieve rapid cloud access, remote management, and maintenance of equipment, assisting in digital upgrading and improving enterprise efficiency.
  • Device networking
  • Data acquisition
  • Protocol analysis
  • Edge Computing
  • Cloud access
Application Industry
Products and solutions have been successfully applied in many industrial fields
Intelligent Factory
Intelligent Equipment
Smart Industry park
Energy Monitoring
Intelligent Building
Smarter Cities
Integrated Industry

SZN enables real-time and visual production management, collaborative and intelligent equipment operation and maintenance for intelligent factories, helping industrial enterprises achieve digital operations, reducing costs, improving product quality, production efficiency, and resource utilization.

  • Equipment interconnection
  • Remote device management
  • Intelligent production management
  • Data visualization
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy carbon management

SZN provides real-time monitoring of device operation for distributed device manufacturers, providing remote maintenance, fault prediction, performance optimization and other services, promoting product design optimization, achieving service-oriented transformation of enterprises, greatly improving management efficiency, reducing operational costs, and improving service quality.

  • Equipment asset monitoring
  • lifecycle management
  • Spare parts management
  • Remote maintenance management
  • Equipment prediction maintenance
  • Product service improvement

SZN empowers all aspects of park safety, management, operation, and service, achieving overall grasp of the park and comprehensive scheduling of resources, creating a new type of park service with intelligent equipment, data-driven management, proactive emergency response, and precise service, and maintaining the sustainable development of the park.

  • Park automation operation and maintenance
  • Optimization of carbon emissions and energy consumption
  • New energy distribution operation and maintenance
  • Big data big screen monitoring
  • Integration of upstream and downstream industries
  • Optimization of industrial cluster layout

Monitor enterprise energy consumption, carbon emissions, building and equipment data information, provide standardized and full process low-carbon energy-saving digital solutions for enterprises, assist enterprises in orderly, convenient, and efficient low-carbon energy-saving related work, guide enterprises to establish standardized low-carbon energy efficiency management systems, and continuously improve management levels.

  • Equipment management monitoring
  • Energy consumption data monitoring
  • Energy efficiency analysis optimization
  • Abnormal energy consumption warning
  • Building energy models
  • Optimize management mode

SZN achieves the exchange and control of building data information, achieving intelligent lighting control, electricity consumption control, energy consumption control, environmental monitoring control, elevator intelligent control, and other contents, creating a safe, efficient, convenient, energy-saving, and comfortable building environment.

  • Data screen
  • Intelligent control
  • Comprehensive supervision
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Safety and security
  • Energy saving and carbon reduction

SZN takes data as its core and empowers various fields such as urban management and efficiency through tools such as data collection, data transmission, data analysis, and operation and maintenance monitoring, driving the acceleration of industry digitization and providing strong technical support for urban intelligence and modernization.

  • Smart environmental protection
  • Smart energy
  • Smart water
  • Smart pipe gallery
  • Smart building
  • Smart park

SZN's products and solutions are also used in the fields of smart water, smart environmental protection, smart agriculture, smart aquaculture, etc., to provide customers with one-stop digital solutions to achieve data collection, management, analysis and application, help enterprises achieve Digital transformation and intelligent management, reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve enterprise management efficiency, innovative research and development capabilities and product competitiveness.

  • Device networking monitoring
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Device operation and maintenance management
  • Energy consumption analysis and management
  • Large screen visual display
  • Data intelligent application
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